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Meet Refinery Calc: We are Your comprehensive source for upstream, downstream refining, midstream, petrochemical, industrial gases, power, natural gas, and energy global intelligence.

At REFINERY CALCULATOR, we equip our end users with an innovative, user-friendly, cloud based refining optimization engine technology that is integrated with live fed data. This provides our users with Signals, Insights and Answers to some of the world’s toughest energy problems.

Our unique offering is underpinned by our state-of-the-art, proprietary techno-economic refinery optimization engine mode technology.

The REFINERY CALCULATOR model has proprietary process yield correlations and configurations for nearly every complex refinery in the world. For the upgrader and specialty refineries our clients can provide us with an order for a custom simulation and we will use our offline version of the tool to provide the same value added services.

The REFINERY CALCULATOR team has worked earnestly to simplify our highly sophisticated software package and equip users with the ability to use the tool with very little training.

Process Overview



First select nearly any complex refinery in the world, adjust any of the processing unit configurations either upward or downward, next select up to 5 crude oil types, then adjust crude prices, ‘cut-points’ and product prices. Users can utilize the pricing information that the Refinery Calculator team provides or use his/her own pricing information.


Simply hit the Run Refineries button to begin the process simulation. On average each refinery run takes less than 2 minutes. The time of the simulation varies based on the number of refineries selected, the types of crudes and any modifications to the configurations.


Once the model completes the simulation there are several web based reports that a user can view and then print to a .pdf file – plus the user can download the data output file from the simulation. Lastly, if a user wants more specific data from any particular process unit – the Refinery Calc team would be happy to assist in providing a custom solution or report addition for your model run.


Provides users with the ability to specify the following information to perform a simulation of nearly any refinery in the world or even a “green field” refinery:


Refinery configurations and unit capacities are generated from the EIA, market intelligence and other databases.


Refinery prices for all crudes, other feeds, other blend stocks, products, and utilities are updated regularly from public sources; user has the ability to over-ride standard prices and insert their own prices.


Crude assays are updated regularly and are easily customizable.Crude assays are updated regularly and are easily customizable.


Property specifications for gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, heating oil, kerosene, bunker fuel, heavy fuel oil and other products are contained within the Refinery Calculator model

Other Unique Features of the Refinery Calculator include:

Model Functionality

The model performs the following functions based upon the user-defined inputs and a standard set of proprietary assumptions based upon many years of refinery operations and engineering experience:

Crude Assays

Over 1000 of the world’s most popular crude assays are available for use with the Refinery Calculator. We can even insert your specific crudes if provided with an assay.

Crude Units

We have modeled units in each refinery across the world. You will be running the refineries at the designed capacity to know exactly what is happening in the real world.

Web Based Report

Upon running each refinery, you will get an immediate report that looks like the following

Detailed Report

You will be able to download the raw data file that helps you to further analyze the data any way you wish

Use Cases

Under What Scenarios Will the Calculator be Used?

Evaluate "What If" Scenarios

Compare various refineries against each other, increase or decrease unit capacities, or even shutdown particular processing units to determine “what would happen”

Automate Optimization

Each time the user returns they can start exactly where they left off to simply and expedite the simulation.

Express Reporting

Create your own report or allow a member of the Refinery Calc team to generate a custom report for you and email it to yourself at some pre-set frequency.

Custom Refineries in Minutes

Don’t see a refinery that we have listed in our refinery database – simple, no problem. Select the Custom Refinery from the dropdown list or modify a pre-existing refinery by changing the bias (either upward or downward)

Modify the Inputs

Change crude pricing, ‘cut-points’, product pricing or any configuration that suits your needs.

Premium Users

Can request help on a refinery simulation any time M-F during normal business hours. Also Premium Users get first access to new product releases and beta editions of new features

Modern Design

Enjoy the layout and sleek features of the Refinery Calculator

Custom Solutions

No job is too large or small for the Refinery Calc team. Consider us your partner in helping you generate custom reports or data packages for refineries that may include specifics about, energy, industrial gases, chemicals, carbon emissions, green hydrogen, crude pricing, product yields, refinery margins, feasibility studies, refinery expansions or any other type of question you can come up with. We are here to support your needs

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