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Industrial Info Resources is launching its highly anticipated Global Refining MarketIntel Platform which ensures you, the client, have easily accessible and actionable market intelligence by providing a thorough, fundamental understanding of the world’s crude and products supply chain and logistics thereto -- consisting of the following:

  • Refinery Capacities:
    initially accomplished with Global & North America Refining Reports (GRR, NARR) as well as Global & North America Refining Index(GRI,NARI) now brought to life in Global & North America Refining Capacity Dashboards

  • Refinery Operations:
    Refinery Calc modeling Intel for crude slates/fuel impacts/product yields/margins/utilizations originating with North America but quickly pivoting to Asia Pacific as part of Global Refinery MarketIntel at a Country level

  • Trading Analytics:
    Fundamental Analytics where we will seek to incorporate IIR, Refinery Calc, eia, IEA, OPEC, and other fundamental data and prices for dynamic visuals/price analysis and intel

  • Crude and Product Flows:
    understand world crude & product flows.. imports/exports into & out of regions.. thereby, enhancing an understanding to refinery crude slates and their overall operations..

  • Future Capacity Additions:
    will be accomplished with IIR projects, expansions, & closures

Our objective is to provide our customers with deeper actionable insights & innovative intel into the global refining market space with an interactive, dynamic and robust Dashboard covering North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa, South America, Canada, Mexico and Oceania.

Industrial Info intends to provide a comprehensive Supply and Demand balance to enable our clients to predict future prices, yields and margins.

Crude & Products Fundamental World

literally at one's fingertips...

IIR’s Global Refining MarketIntel Platform Powered by the Refinery Calc Engine

ensures you, the client, have easily accessible and actionable market intelligence by providing a thorough, fundamental understanding of commodity supply chains & logistics.

So, please do Ask us your most pressing questions. We have answers. For we speak today’s market stories...

To accomplish this monumental task - we have forged partnerships and strategic alliances with the following entities to provide real time actionable intelligence with thorough analytics utilizing a modern data lake..

Further, we have refined data management and transformations while crafting unique visualizations inthe form of frequently updated dynamic/drill-down dashboards but have not neglected providing traditional data exports into excel spreadsheets.

Our Global Refining MarketIntel Platform is novel and innovative to provide you with actionable intelligence for:

  • The outlook of the Global Refining Industry and refined petroleum products for 2020 and beyond
  • Forecasts of refined product production and consumption along with an understanding of what fundamentals are driving major refining companies and operators decision making.
  • Historic and Forecasted Refining capacity and secondary conversion units and capacities
  • Key Opportunities and Restraints in the Global Oil as well as Refinery markets
  • Time series views on the fly -- new CapEx; TAs; Available & Future Capacity; etc.
  • Benchmark with regions on Nelson Complexity Factor.
  • Market structure of Region Refining Industry -- companies, capacities and market share.
  • Information on all planned refineries such as planned capacity, equity structure, Operator Company, expected to commission date and project cost.
  • Refinery level information such as refinery name, commissioned year, primary and secondary units installed capacities along with future capacity expansions, refinery complexity factor, ownership and operator details.
  • Company profiles of major refining companies including SWOT Analysis.
  • Latest mergers, acquisitions, contract announcements and all related industry news and deals analysis.
Refinery Output Overview

Process Refining

Input several process changes such as unit expansions or shutdowns and let the Refinery Calculator determine the net energy impact and economic impact within seconds.

Refinery Output Overview


Compare your refineries amongst other competitive refineries. Determine your competitive advantage against your competition.

Refinery Output Overview

Strategic Planning

Perform capital budget analysis by using the Refinery Calculator to determine unit expansion economics.

Refinery Output Overview

Mergers & Acquisitions

Use the Refinery Calculator as a tool to assist in your M&A analysis.

Refinery Output Overview

Competitive Analysis (Internal / External)

Sort and rank your refineries against competitive refineries by margin, product yields, energy usage, carbon emissions, water usage, hydrogen usage, and other factors.

Refinery Output Overview

Economics & Optimization

Quickly determine the optimized crude slate for your refinery and the ‘choke’ points or constraints that are limiting your refinery using the Refinery Calculator.

Refinery Output Overview

Marketing & Trading

Determine which spot crudes can be processed and determine the incremental impact to the particular refinery.

Refinery Output Overview

Crude Oil Economics

Determine the optimal economic crude slates for each refinery.

Refinery Output Overview

Downstream Integration Analysis

Use the Refinery Calculator to determine how best to integrate various downstream units and understand their overall contribution to the refinery’s net margin.