Value Proposition

Go Further than Traditional Bench Marking

The Refinery Calculator utilizes several global databases consisting of operational, configuration and pricing data with industry-proven optimization algorithms, we are able to go further than traditional benchmarking and opportunity sizing. Using the Refinery Calculator as a benchmarking tool provides an economic solution for modeling refinery costs, refinery product and yields, sustainability key performance indicators, industrial gas hydrogen usage and overall energy efficiency for a wide range of asset types and operating environments.

The Refinery Calculator tool helps bench markers in identifying particular refinery gaps to top performance and outlining a clear, achievable path to improvement.

How We Can Help

Mock Up and Compare Multiple Scenarios to Find the Best Options

Refinery Output Overview

Process Refining

Input several process changes such as unit expansions or shutdowns and let the Refinery Calculator determine the net energy impact and economic impact within seconds.

Refinery Output Overview


Compare your refineries amongst other competitive refineries. Determine your competitive advantage against your competition.

Refinery Output Overview

Strategic Planning

Perform capital budget analysis by using the Refinery Calculator to determine unit expansion economics.

Refinery Output Overview

Mergers & Acquisitions

Use the Refinery Calculator as a tool to assist in your M&A analysis.

Refinery Output Overview

Competitive Analysis (Internal / External)

Sort and rank your refineries against competitive refineries by margin, product yields, energy usage, carbon emissions, water usage, hydrogen usage, and other factors.

Refinery Output Overview

Economics & Optimization

Quickly determine the optimized crude slate for your refinery and the ‘choke’ points or constraints that are limiting your refinery using the Refinery Calculator.

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Marketing & Trading

Determine which spot crudes can be processed and determine the incremental impact to the particular refinery.

Refinery Output Overview

Crude Oil Economics

Determine the optimal economic crude slates for each refinery.

Refinery Output Overview

Downstream Integration Analysis

Use the Refinery Calculator to determine how best to integrate various downstream units and understand their overall contribution to the refinery’s net margin.